This job follows on from the driveway repairs we conducted before in Crosspool, Sheffield as it was completed for the same client on the same property.  After we had completed the extensive driveway repairs the customer was happy with the service we had provided and kept us on longer to complete some tidying up and general landscaping work.

crosspool block pave before

After customer had extended the property to create more indoor space the path that was built to follow the plan of the house no longer went full length of the property.  The customer had laid a DIY attempt at block paving and whilst this did look acceptable from a distance and although it served it’s purpose the client was unhappy with how it looked at wasn’t confident it would last.

The Team from OC Landscaping was called in to replace the makeshift path with professionally laid block paving using a compacted hardcore base to ensure longevity of the structure.  The paving was expertly matched with the existing paving to create a seamless look from the old path to the new.


At the same time we created a discreet bin store area on top of a solid concrete paved base which was finished off with a stone retaining wall housing a raised planting bed.


Even though the bin store was to be covering the wall we still applied the same attention to detail as with all our walling work