Plants are  vital part of any garden, they can bring a splash of colour provide shade or even privacy depending on what you decide to plant. Planting herbs can bring wonderful smells to your garden and you can also pick them for use in your kitchen.  Certain shrubs can attract birds into your garden if that is what you would like to do. Here at OC landscaping Sheffield we are on hand to handle any of your planting requirements and will work with you from start to finish of the project to ensure you have the right plants in the right places to make the most from your garden.  Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and site visit

Screening Hedges

Screening hedges are a great natural alternative to fences and walls and can if planned carefully provide a greater level of shelter and privacy than either. Always popular in Sheffield hedges can be grown from a wide variety of plant species to have different looks and properties dependent on exactly what you are looking for in a hedge.  For example Leylandii is an extremely popular hedging plant due to its fast growing nature and low maintenance.  Privets are another popular option but there are many other hedging plants such as Hollies that we can discuss with you.  We are able to use fully established plants so you will have an instant hedge or if you are on a tight budget we can go with younger plants which will take a couple of years to establish into a full hedge.

Seasonal Bedding Plants

If you are looking to create impressive displays of colour in your flower beds then get in touch and our landscaping team can discuss options.  For a lower maintenance solution we can use perennial flowering plants, but we are also happy to work with you on a spring, summer and winter planting schedule to create year round displays in all your planting areas.

Complete Planting Plans

If you want to take us up on the full service we are happy to sit down with you to find out your full requirements and expectations of your garden so that we can work together to create a complete planting plan.  When constructing a planting plan we can to work directly to your design brief, provide advice and input along the way, or work out a plan for you from scratch.  At all stages of the plan we will ensure you are happy with the project and will not break ground until you sign off on the design.


Created:6th May 2014