OC landscaping are the perfect choice for any of your Sheffield Landscaping jobs that require the building of exterior walls.  We have years of walling experience crafting walls from brick, stone, blockwork or wooden sleepers to create both stylish and functional additions to your garden space.

Retaining Walls

For landscaping of sloped gardens or to maintain terrain elevations and maximise your usable space we can construct retaining walls.  An important structural aspect of many landscaped gardens they can also be be beautiful architectural features and can be built with a variety of stone, brick, or wooden sleeper options. Retaining walls will are designed to hold back soil and therefore need to be able to restrain often very high forces.  Our experience in this area means we can quickly work out the optimal type of retaining wall for your specific job.


Free Standing Walls

Whilst your average free standing wall does not need to be able to support the same level of forces as a retaining wall that does not mean we offer any less attention to detail with our builds.  All our free standing walls are constructed to not only provide a beautiful divider between the sections of your garden but to also stand the tests of time for many years.

Raised Planters

Raised planting areas are a great way to bring a touch of colour with either flowers or shrubberies at higher than ground level.  These are great to break up the expanse of a large garden, add a feature area to any garden or even just allow higher access for elderly or disabled gardeners easily get to their planting beds.  We can build you a raised planting area in either stone, brick or sleepers to complement the style of your property.


Dwarfed Walls for fitted Greenhouses

If you are installing a greenhouse into your garden then send us over the plans from the greenhouse company and we can quote you for the dwarf wall and installation of the greenhouse as required.


Re-pointing and Repairs

If any of your current walled areas are in need of TLC then we are happy to look into any refurbishment or repair work required, be that re-pointing or a complete rebuild we will provide a competitive quote that will have your garden walls looking better than new.


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Created:6th May 2014