Winter Services


Creating beautifully landscaped gardens may be a predominantly a summer activity but maintenance can be completed all year round.  With the exception of planting and turfing jobs any of our landscaping services can be undertaken throughout the winter months and we are happy to work in all weather.  We do also offer a range of winter specific services such as snow clearing and gritting so please give us a call to discuss what is available in your part of Sheffield.


Snow Clearing and Gritting

No upfront fees!  Sign up for our snow clearing service and you will only pay if it actually snows and even then we only charge for the work we actually do.  When you sign up for our snow clearing service we will visit your property and work out a plan of action that we will implement when it snows we will generally clear your driveways to ensure you have a clear access to the highway but we can also clear pathways right around your house, we can clear access to your bins, we will even clear patios and decks as per your requirements.  Once the snow is cleared we will ensure that the cleared areas are fully gritted to prevent ice forming.  If you chose to join this service you will only pay once we have cleared and gritted the agreed areas of your property.  

We are happy to take on large contracts for industry for example gyms, car parks or office complexes so please feel free to get in touch and discuss.

We can also offer a regular gritting service in which we will send a team to grit your driveways and paths at pre-agreed intervals across the winter period.  Again you will only pay on completion of each visit.


Christmas Tree Collection and Delivery service

Gone are the days of you struggling to fit tree into your family runabout, forget contemplating driving home with it hanging out of your passenger door window.  Then assuming you get it home safely struggling to get it manoeuvred into your house.  Then after Christmas the dilemma of what you do with the tree and the inevitable dumping in your garden for the needles to fall off.  Let us handle it all for you, Take us up on our Christmas tree service and we will pick the tree up from the point of purchase and deliver it safely to you, not just to your door but safely into the room of choice with no fuss or hassle to you.  Once Christmas is over just call us and we will complete the service by collecting the tree from you and ensuring it is disposed of ecologically.


Created:6th May 2014